3^ Simulation to the European Union: + 100% students with respect to the previous year. Despite euro scepticism of sovranist and populist movements, Europe still interests young generations (and their families).

48 students from Italian universities, 4 days of intensive workshops and lectures, 13 speakers from the Institutions, Members State Permanent Representation, industries, NGOs, social platforms and press. These are the key figures of the 3^ simulation jointly organized by Associazione Diplomatici and EuropaBook this may 2017 in Brussels. Images and Videos speak for them self.

This is short summary drafted by the participating students, which does not reflect the position of the speakers but only the understanding of the authors. Interested in the full summary? Write to Roberto.carpano@europabook.eu

Thank to all of them for their efforts!

Roberto Carpano and Giuliana Quattrocchi


The EU support to Small and Medium Enterprises in Europe: simulation of the COSME Regulation.

With Armando Mellone DG Enterprise.... At the end of two heated informal sessions, both groups drafted and presented their suggestions. Eventually, the EC approved the changes proposed by Team A, notwithstanding the evident similarity of the two new drafts. The multi-speed Europe, after all, might not be that different. To conclude the simulation, Mellone gladly stated: “The sessions showed a good mix of technical and political engagement. This is certainly what made it an excellent simulation”


The EU migration Policy

With Magnus Ovilius DG Home ....There are different reasons for which nowadays we are facing migration challenges.  Asylum and legal migration rules did not foresee the high number of flows of people, which started in 2011.  Looking at figures, in 2015 1.3 million migrants arrived in the EU, in 2016 they were 1.14 million of which roughly 500.000 illegal; considering a population of 450 million people, these numbers do not seem so high. Migrants are not distributed geographically equally across the EU but they privilege higher income countries, with higher economic potential. So the burden sharing is not equal. The three political challenges are:

European MS play marginal roles in addressing the primary causes of the conflicts around Europe. EU is not the biggest superpower to influence whether or not there is peace in Syria for example;

Economic situations of EU countries are different so as it will be different the humanitarian responsibilities;

Interpretation and implementation of the Geneva Convention for refugees differ from MSs to MSs....


EPSO, a career at the EU 

with Koen Hendrix, EPSO...The general competition is open to any field and no experience is needed. In the first stage, the pre-selection, you will be asked to do a self selection and a self evaluation test, to understand if you are trained enough and really keen to that kind of career. Then, you can subscribe freely to a computer based test on verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning...


The role of the Committee of Regions (CoR)

With W. Petzold...CoR is an advisory body of the European Union, and its headquarter is in Brussels. Its function is to support the role of local governments’ – e.g. Regions, Provinces, and Municipalities – in the co-decision process..


Workshop: The EU Development Policy

with Giuseppe Balducci DG DEVCO...Key questions raised touched upon different areas, such as anthropology, international relations, economics, and so on, according to the different academic backgrounds of the students. Furthermore, ODA (Official Development Assistance) classifying Aid contributions For instance EU MS contributes with 75 Bil.Euro for covering more than 50 % of development assistance, corresponding to 0,7% of GDP...


The Experience of a Young Official at the European Union

with Pietro Fotolon, DG for International Cooperation and Development Directorate H ...The meeting with Pietro was very productive and inspiring: to reach your goals you have to do something and to persist, because nothing comes on its own, and you have to sacrifice a lot. But most of all he taught us that passion, enthusiasm and dedication are the best ingredients for success.


Round Table “Who does what? The role of non-institutional stakeholders in the EU scenario: Press, Consultancy Industry, Lobby and NGOs” con Giulia Bianchini (Caritas Europe), Valentina Caimi (Social Platform), Dorotea Daniele (DIESIS Coop), Corrado Mannato (ENEL), Lorenzo Consoli (ASKANEWS)

...Who are the external actors? Who Does What? What is the role of non-institutional stakeholders in the EU law-making process? These are the questions that we have attempted to answer during the afternoon session of May 17. We found out about some aspects that in Italian university are not threated  such as the importance of external actors in the EU law-making process and how those guarantee their own interests, whether private or social.

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Roberto Carpano
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