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Who We are

EuropaBook is an Italian private limited company established in 2011. Roberto Carpano is the founder of the firm and a development consultant specialized in the Foreign Aid sector, European Neighbourhood Policy Initiative (ENPI), Territorial Cooperation, Research, training and consultancy in EU affairs. EuropaBook team consists of experienced « European Affairs » experts in the domain of grants. EuropaBook’s office is based in Rome.


Your one-stop partner in grants application

EuropaBook helps you to increase the success rate of your grant applications. Whether you are a SME, Industrial District, University, Association or Foundation, we strive to provide the tools you need for designing and managing successful proposals. Together, we are pioneering a new way of working, building and boosting your projects.

Why EuropaBook: take advantage of a “personal trainer”

Why EuropaBook: take advantage of a “personal trainer”

Thank to EuropaBook consultancy services, more than 15 Millions Euro have been awarded to our public and private partners. This is our visiting card.

Designing a successful proposal is a demanding task: on average, project success rates range from only 5 - 10% for each application.

EuropaBook boosts your performance in applying for EU and “non–EU” financing opportunities in the grants area. This means designing winning proposals with experienced partners that adhere to the application criteria. Moreover, EuropaBook allows you to develop synergies with experienced partners in European projects.

Applying for EU funds without the necessary experience and skills, or involving partners in ill-conceived proposals, can be a frustrating waste of time. EuropaBook helps you avoid wasting time and resources.



Our Team verify the eligibility of your application and the conformity with the selection criteria


We want to work closely with you. EuropaBook is ready to reply to any questions related to grant projects


The EuropaBook team is passionate and believes that your success is our target for the future.